With over 20 years of experience we are one of the leading coagulant producers in the Eastern European Union. Alsal is a family owned and operated business passionate about clean water solutions.

Our factory, equipped with both state of the art technology and a skilled team,  allows us to produce high quality products on a mass scale.  REACH registered by the European Chemical             Agency our products can be sold throughout all of Europe.

We are happy to receive water samples to be analyzed in our laboratories by our veteran chemists.  Querists will receive an in depth evaluation, and if necessary, recommendations. In that case, a comprehensive explanation about our products, how to use them, and their effects will be included.

About Us


Our firm was established during the turbulent 1990’s in Romania by two chemical engineers.  Over 20 years later, they are still the owners; albeit the day-to-day management has been passed on to a new generation. We remain a family owned and operated business and we uphold our founding values and principles: customer satisfaction, flexibility and accountability.

Since 1994 we have been one of the leading producers of chemical coagulants in Romania. Out of the 74 companies that have started up in this industry we are one of the 3 surviving in 2017. During the years we have upgraded and expanded our production facilities several times. We are still in the process of extending our production capacity to further expand into new markets.

Our market share has increased to include all the water treatment companies in Western and Northern Romania, as well as industrial waste water treatment facilities in various industries such as milk processing, paper mills, fertilizer and food industry. Our latest strategy involves expanding into the export market in Western Europe and towards the East in Moldova Republic.


Our firm complies with stringent E.U. environmental requirements as attested by our integrated environmental Authorization Nr. 44 -NV6/18.12.2006.

Our quality assurance laboratory is certified by the Romanian Accreditation Association.

Our products are registered European Chemical Agency in accordance REACH legislation. REACH registration number 01‐2119531538‐36‐0014.

Our company has implemented and maintains both ISO 9001 per 2008 and ISO 14001 per 2005.

Our coagulants are approved by the Romanian Health Ministry in water treatment for human consumption.