Sodium Aluminate

Sodium Aluminate, NaAlO2 (also written NaAI2O4 ), is an inorganic salt with alkaline hydrolysis.  Our product is a highly pure transparent‐yellowish liquid with a very large aluminium concentration.

Our sodium aluminate has a number of uses:  as a coagulation reagent in both drinking water and waste water treatment, an additive which is combined with other reagents in water treatment, and in a number of other capabilities including both the zeolite and paper industry.  However, we emphasize its usage in water treatment.

Our one phase production process makes precipitation virtually impossible thus negating the need of stabilizers.

We are happy to receive water samples to be analyzed in our laboratories by our veteran chemists.  Querists will receive an in depth evaluation, and if necessary, recommendations. In that case, a comprehensive explanation about our products, how to use them, and their effects will be included.